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“Just three centuries before, a major cataclysm brought ruin and disaster upon the planet ARCRIA. A mysterious entity sundered the Veil between this universe and the voids of oblivion, and summoned through this Breach the Esper known as Armageddon to slam into the planet and thus begin killing off every living thing.

The negative energy from the Breach and the debris from the impact took their tolls over the next two centuries, as the plant life died from the lack of sun, then the creatures which fed on the plants, then the predators of those creatures. And as the flora and fauna of Arcria died, so too did the peoples whose lives depended on these things for food.

And as time passed, the Breach grew larger, and its output of negative energy grew stronger, thus further accelerating the demise of life on Arcria as it sapped the planet’s life force. And it came to pass that all the races of Arcria died out, save for two lone humans, MEROPE, and her adopted daughter…”